Project EP0CH Presents


In Releases on 2011/01/28 at 4:36 am

JANUARY – “Meditation Medication“

This month’s track is a bit grit/electro-glitch-inspired, though hopefully in a way that doesn’t throw anyone out of their element for too long. :) Its meaning should line up more and more congruently with the overall theme as the monthly-tracks project approaches its conclusion… but for now, I just wanted to say one more thanks for all the feedback from commenters/listeners in the fine-tuning process — thanks to you guys, the long path still ahead of me has never seemed more manageable! You’re awesome.

Alas, despite the quirky name, the vision behind this track is basically a fly-by of the Earth as it’s “waking up,” with the camera rapidly following the moving sun-line as it brings Dawn all across the globe (even for you southern-hemisphere folks . . . who are upside down right now, I swear ;)).

Hope you like it // til next time.

♣ EP0CH ♣


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